13 Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding

With how expensive weddings are, it can make any bride cringe. We have compiled a helpful list of how to cut your expenses without sacrificing your dream wedding.



– Ask your photographer if they have an associate photographer that could do your wedding for less.

– A lot of photographers give the best rates as a package deal(Engagements, Bridals, Ceremony, and Reception).


– Re-use ceremony flowers for the cake and food tables(two-for-one!)

– Order a small two-tiered cake for the bride and groom to cut, then do a similar sheet cake for the guests.

– Instead of doing a full bar offer the grooms favorite beer, brides favorite cocktail, and then a champagne or sparkling cider for the toast.


– Stick to one or two flowers and accent them with beautiful greenery.

– Try to choose flowers that are in season.


– Think off-season(September-March), this will cut your cost by at least 15%.

– Go for a Friday or Sunday wedding, Saturday is the most requested, therefore the most expensive day.

– Choose bigger tables= less tablecloths and centerpieces.

Wedding Dress:

– Pre-shopping is vital. Know what the standard price is for the type of gown you want.(ex: lace is more expensive than tulle)

– Watch for Trunk Shows and special events. When a store offers a trunk show there is usually a discount offered that will not be offered in normal circumstances.

– Buying early is helpful because a lot of stores offer payment plans. Where this doesn’t necessarily save you money, it does help ease the blow of the price.