Perfect Palette Friday: Green and Ivory

I adore this weeks color palette, green and ivory,  because it is such a simple, clean, and natural look for any wedding. The best way to pull off this palette is to stick to the same overall feel, whether that is rustic, contemporary, or simple.


This three-tier cake is wonderful with the greenery on top of each tier because, again, it is a bright and natural look.


This reception table set up with its soft and delicate greenery tied on to the backs of the wooden chairs and then just accented with a lace table cloth is the perfect match for this wedding theme.


This is one of my favorite grooms looks thus far. I love the light pants, dark jackets and then the polka dot green tie for that light hearted and not so formal look.

We love the soft and natural look of the Mia Solano M1100L for a green and white wedding.

With its soft and natural flow, the Mia Solano M1100L is great for a green and white wedding 


Adding your wedding color into your bridal attire(shoes) is a fun way to be a little sassy on your wedding day.