Perfect Palette Friday: Mint

This week we are focusing on the wedding color of the year- Mint!  This is a perfect color for weddings that are rustic or outdoors. Another wonderful attribute of this color is that it goes well with many other colors- our accent color of choice is light pink or coral. Try adding the color into your decorative details. Select mint green embellishments to create seating tags or mint green designs on wedding favors.


For me the most important part is shoes! Try incorporating this beautiful color in to your wedding day wardrobe with these Kate Spade mint shoes.


Mint and pink as accents in the table settings will bring an otherwise plain white table to life. Mason jars can actually come in this color- no additional work needed.


Change from pink lemonade to MINT lemonade! The flavor need not be mint – just the color.


Keep the theme of mint and pink throughout the wedding theme- just make sure it is not overpowering.  Gold can also be added in as a third accent color used very minimally.


As a finishing touch to the groom you can add the color into his boutineer. Keep his suit or tux simple- maybe a mint tie and then add this as a finishing touch.