Shopping Tip: Budget

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Maggie Sottero – Ellie

Hey brides-to-be,

Here’s a discussion that deals with actually going out and doing the dress shopping and being prepared for the adventure.  There are many answers dress shoppers need to have ready to make their appointments more fulfilling.

With today, we’ll discuss a little about the budget.  Yes! The budget!  It’s the big thing about dress shopping that we all wish we could avoid.  But, it’s one of the first questions that will be asked in an appointment.  It’s a good idea to be ready with a price point that you wish to stick around when it comes to purchasing your wedding dress for the big day.  Your probably thinking though, “How difficult can it be to decide on a budget?”  Well, it certainly won’t be all that hard to decide, especially knowing where the rest of your budget is being distributed through the whole wedding.  But numerous girls forget about other expenses when it comes to that final purchase.

Remember to take into account your accessories.  I’m not talking about shoes and jewelry.  I’m talking about the veil, hair accessories, and belts/sashes.  These items can seem so simple at first, but a veil can easily add $150 to your budget.  Yikes!  Ready for an even bigger shocker?  Gown shoppers almost always forget that their dream dress doesn’t come perfectly fitted to their body out of the box.  That’s right, we’re talking about the unavoidable alterations.  Every bride will most likely experience at least one alteration to their wedding dress.  The three most common alterations are:  shoulder lifts, sides seam intakes/let-outs, and hem shortenings.  Alterations are an additional cost on top of the price of the dress.  And let’s not forget dresses that require buildups for modesty for brides who need/want them.  A bride can typically expect to be paying roughly $200-$400 more for a buildup to a dress.  Ouch!  I hope I haven’t hurt you too badly quite yet.  So, in perspective, a dress that you purchased for about $1,000 can easily become $1,500.

So, let’s think on this.  Having a well thought-out budget plan for the dress can help guide your appointment and maybe help avoid you falling in love with a dress that can potentially exceed the ‘wiggle room’ of your budget.  And don’t be afraid to bring this up with the sales people of the store.  It’s their job to work with you to find what you love along with what fits in your budget.  Just remember to not forget the dreaded details that can add to the overall cost of your gown.  It’s even possible that you will decide to add more to your budget on the dress so that you can be the most beautiful and confidant woman on your wedding day–because your guests don’t need chairs to sit down at your wedding

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Happy shopping my brides-to-be!