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      The Hitching Post — Modest Bridal Gowns

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      Shopping Tip: Budget

      Hey brides-to-be, Here’s a discussion that deals with actually going out and doing the dress shopping and being prepared for the adventure.  There are many answers dress shoppers need to have ready to make their appointments more fulfilling. With today,...

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      Unique Idea: Sparkling Romance

      When it comes to the bridal and wedding photos, they need to be taken into serious consideration; especially in creating unique photos that you’ll be proud to look back on after your fifth, twentieth, and even your fiftieth wedding anniversary. ...

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      Wedding Theme: Vintage Circus

          With today’s trends of classic vintage styled weddings, why not mix things up a little and add a more personal and unique flair to your wedding theme by implementing a vintage circus inspired twist.   One great idea:...

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      Perfect Palette Friday: Lemon Yellow

      What better color palette for summer than a citrus one? This Lemon Yellow palette is sure to be bright, refreshing, and the epitome of summer.

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      New Modest Wedding Dress @ Bridal Closet

      We are in ♥ LOVE ♥  with this new modest wedding dress at Bridal Closet with it’s super sophisticated high neckline and sheath style.

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