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      The Hitching Post — Unique Wedding Ideas

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      New Edgy Styles from Sottero and Midgley

      Here at Bridal Closet we love the different and edgy style dresses. Every season when our designers debut the newest collections we look for those nontraditional dresses for our unique and nontraditional brides. This season, we were not disappointed when we...

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      Unique Idea: Sparkling Romance

      When it comes to the bridal and wedding photos, they need to be taken into serious consideration; especially in creating unique photos that you’ll be proud to look back on after your fifth, twentieth, and even your fiftieth wedding anniversary. ...

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      Perfect Palette Friday: Orange

      Now that summer is in full swing we figured it was perfectly appropriate to kick that sunny citrus craving with this perfectly orange palette inspiration. The nice part about doing an orange wedding is that you can use many different...

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      Unique Wedding Idea: Flower Bouquet Ornament

      You can create a little time capsule from pretty much any big event from your life! Save the petals from your bouquet and fill the ornament with them, snap the cap back on and you are done. This is a...

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      Perfect Palette Friday: Monochromatic Pink

      I believe pink can be the most romantic, soft, and feminine color for you wedding especially if you do all shades of it. We decided that a monochromatic pink color palette would  be just the right way to pull this...

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