Unique Idea: Sparkling Romance

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When it comes to the bridal and wedding photos, they need to be taken into serious consideration; especially in creating unique photos that you’ll be proud to look back on after your fifth, twentieth, and even your fiftieth wedding anniversary.  Not to mention the envy of all your friends.

One great idea for having a unique wedding photo of you and your spouse-to-be is seen in the posted picture.  This picture is quite easy to create.  Simply just have your photographer do a long exposure shot while the two of you hold still in position.  Then someone needs to walk around while holding a sparkler and making sure not to block the view of the sparkler from the camera ( it can cause the effect of the sparkler to fade or distort).  The intense light from the sparkler can be quickly captured on the film while the stage help just disappears from not standing in one spot long enough; leaving only you and your fiancé in a fairytale moment.


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