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Square, round, two-tier, fondant or buttercream …. oh deary me, there are so many options! Here are the most important steps and our own personal tips for when deciding what to do for your wedding cake!


1. Choosing the Style- Leave the cake style for after the dress, venue, flowers, and colors have been decided. You want to decide on your cake based on your key elements(dress, venue, flowers, and colors) because these are usually the inspiration for the cake. Bring color swatches of any colors you want on your cake.

2. Sizing It Up- Generally, three tiers will serve 50 to 100 guests; you’ll likely need five layers for 200 guests or more. If the reception is in a grand room with high ceilings, consider increasing the cake’s stature with columns between the tiers. (A “stacked” cake is one with its layers stacked directly atop each other, with no separators.)

3. Choosing the Frosting- Buttercream or Fondant is the classic question.

Buttercream pros:

  • More Delicious(Anything with butter and cream in the name has to be wonderful)
  • Less expensive than Fondant

Buttercream cons:

  • Not as “smooth” of a look as fondant
  • Buttercream will melt if it is a hot or outdoor wedding
  • If you have bright colors and you put those in the buttercream, plan on your mouth being that color as well

Fondant pros:

  • Great for an outdoor wedding, it won’t melt so you don’t even have to try to keep it cool
  • Very smooth look and easy to “shape”
  • Travels and assembles easier

Fondant cons:

  • Not as creamy and delicious
  • More expensive than buttercream

Personal opinion– Do both! Many people agree that if you put buttercream under a thin layer of fondant it is the best of both worlds!



Bumble Cakes -

Bumble Cakes – 


4. Pricing It Out- Wedding cake often is priced by the slice — the cost varies, but generally ranges from $1.50 to $15 per slice. The more complicated the cake (based on intricate decorations or hard-to-find fillings), the higher the price tag.

-Fondant icing is more expensive than buttercream, and if you want elaborate molded shapes, vibrant colors, or handmade sugar-flower detailing, you’ll pay for the cake designer’s labor.

-Order a small cake that’s decorated to perfection but can only feed a handful plus several sheet cakes of the same flavor to actually feed the guests.

-Stay away from tiers, handmade sugar flowers, and specially molded shapes.

-Garnish with seasonal flowers and fruit for an elegant (but less expensive) effect.

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