Collection: Maggie Sottero

Founded by Wayne and Lesley Webster alongside her mother, Dorothy Steiner, the brand bears the namesake of Lesley’s beloved great-grandmother, Margaret “Maggie” Sottero. "Family-owned" is a rare modifier these days, so we're proud to say we've been true to kin and collaboration since day one. As Lesley puts it herself, “Family is important. The future is important. Changing what we do and how we do it is part of our legacy.” Lesley's daughter, Kelly Midgley, followed in her footsteps, establishing two additional labels. While Sottero and Midgley was born for the ultra-chic bride, Rebecca Ingram embodied another family name and completed the trio of collections.

Maggie Sottero sees wedding gowns as more than just dresses – they're tangible expressions of love stories, personal style, and individuality. That's why each dress can be ordered in a wide range of sizes, we offer handmade customization options, and many of our styles feature variations in coverage, sleeve lengths, neckline styles, shapewear lining, and more! All reflecting our deep-rooted commitment to celebrating love in all its forms.

Collection Price Range: $1500-$3000

Once an order is placed we are unable to do any returns or exchanges due to the nature of the bridal and formal gown industry, all sales are final.