What is a Sample Sale?

A sample sale can be a fantastic option for brides who are budget-conscious and looking for a good deal on their wedding gown. Here are some key points to consider when participating in a sample sale:

Immediate Availability: One of the main advantages of a sample sale is that brides can take the gown home with them on the same day. This is ideal for those who have a shorter timeline or prefer to have the dress in hand rather than waiting for it to be ordered and delivered.

Cost Savings: Sample sale dresses are typically offered at a significantly discounted price compared to brand-new, ordered gowns. This can be a great opportunity for brides to find a beautiful dress at a fraction of the regular cost.

A sample gown is a gown used for try-on in store. This means they have been tried on and in some cases need minor repair or cleaning. All sample sale dresses are sold as is. They are discounted to compensate for any alteration, repair, and cleaning that is necessary. All sample sale dresses have been looked over by management as well as a seamstress to ensure they can be tailored and brought back to their original integrity. Sample gowns are typically only available in limited sizes. 

How many dresses will be included in the Sample Sale?

- Over 250 dresses are on sale! Some gowns are in store only and not online.

How many Guests can I bring to a Sample Sale Appointment?

- We limit each bride to a maximum of 2 guests at Sample Sale Appointments and ask no children under the age of 12. Appointments are limited to 60 minutes.  If you are looking for a full bridal experience with options to all gowns, please book a normal appointment.

What prices can I expect at a Sample Sale?

- All sample sale gowns will be $1000 or lower in store only and online.  Does not include special orders gowns. Please text for code for online purchases.

What Sizes are available at the Sale?

- Sample Sale gowns are sizes 8-20. (Most are size 10 or 12). Size is noted on gown. Alterations are needed on most sample sale gowns to achieve the perfect fit. Depending on the dress structure, most gowns can be altered to fit most shapes with a general rule of, it is easier to take a dress in that is to big, than it is to let a dress out that is to snug. Your stylist will be able to recommend a seamstress to help answer any specific questions regarding alterations. 

Can I order another size and color?

- Unfortunately we cannot order any of the sample sale gowns at the sale as they are typically discontinued gowns from the designer and are available for purchase only.


Gowns available https://www.mybridalcloset.com/collections/sample-sale